For all of you who do not know about me my name is Manu and I was born 1988. I am a hobby photographer and filmmaker from Germany. I am in love with landscapes, hockey, and travel.

I already started filming in high school with smaller school projects but stopped right after that. I stepped in again when I was about to make a movie for some friends and their roller hockey team in 2015. I bought my first DSLR camera and a separate lens for that project. In the following years, I did some smaller hobby projects for roller hockey teams in the area of Frankfurt/M.

In 2017, I discovered the world of photography when I was taking photos with my phone during a horse showjumping tournament. I decided to grab my DSLR and accompanied many showjumping tournaments for sport photography. I started travel and landscape photography and videography during my trip to New York & Florida in 2017.

Now I am trying to freeze the moment of beautiful landscapes in different countries that I visit during my travels.