Travel Blogger Preset

Manu Meyer Travel Blogger Preset

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This is my personal Travel Blogger Preset for Lightroom Classic and Lightroom which I use also for my own pictures on Instagram. I hope you will enjoy the preset as much as I do.
The pictures above are all edited with this preset. You can use the preset for your own pictures with just one click in Lightroom after installation.
The presets work with the smartphone application “Lightroom CC“ as well as with the desktop version of Lightroom (Mac/Windows).

Whats the look?

  • Smooth warm tones
  • Pushed exposure
  • Sunny summer travel look
  • Perfect warm skintones 👌
  • Works best with the most well exposed travel pictures

What will you get?

  • PDF-File with Instructions how to install the preset to your Lightroom Application
  • Lightroom Mobile Presets in DNG Format compatible with the Lightroom smartphone app
  • Lightroom Presets in XMP Format compatible with the Lightroom desktop applications

Important note for desktop users:
Please make sure you have done the most recent upgrades to Lightroom CC & Lightroom Classic CC for desktop. My Desktop presets are XMP files.

Please keep in mind that the presets look different on every photo (depending on the light or the colors in the picture or the camera used). You might need to do some simple adjustments after the preset is applied.
The presets are instantly ready for download directly after the payment is received.

Enjoy and thank you for your support!

10,00€ – Kaufen


10,00€ – Kaufen